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Piece by intricate piece, a work of art unfolds.

  The lace that graces Veréna Designs lingerie and loungewear seems as if it was spun out of the clouds themselves. But, bringing these handmade, one-of-a-kind creations to life requires a labor of love that is unmatched anywhere in the world.


  This venise or guipure lace begins, quite literally, on Veréna’s drawing board. There she designs the complex and intricate shapes and patterns that have become the Veréna Designs trademark.


  Taking advantage of modern textile equipment, these individual patterns are embroidered onto a cloth backing, creating an attractive three-dimensional profile that begs to be touched. Then, the backing is disintegrated away, creating lace without mesh (guipure) in French. Originally, this was accomplished with chemicals; today, the cloth is “melted away using a water-based method.


  Then, the skills that no machine can learn take over the process. Veréna’s hand-picked and specially trained team of modern-day craftswomen turn these small lace pieces into stunning collages of lacework hand-cutting and sewing as many as a dozen individual sections into a seamless work of art, and marrying them to Veréna’s full line of sleepwear.



It all comes together beautifully.

  It's all designed and produced in High Point, North Carolina, predominantly using materials made in the United States. Even the cotton for the lingerie has been hand-selected, meeting Veréna's exacting guidelines for color and softness (guidelines, incidentally, that computers have not figured out how to reproduce).


  The end result is something that can simply not be copied.


  A combination of genteel elegance and luxurious comfort, these creations are truly made with love. And, as customers ranging from movie stars to British royalty will attest, they quickly become some of the best-loved pieces in our intimate wardrobe.

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